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Givenchy the Designer

Givenchy : Audrey Hepburn Style! When I think of Givenchy, I think of Audrey Hepburn! I feel passionate about the Givenchy designer brand as it is my favorite designer line and I am a collector of Givenchy signature logo accessories. Naturally, I was compelled to publish this particular article. It is my prediction that this is a designer to watch and that there will be a resurgence in the brand.

audrey hepburn with cat art poster
Welcome to the Gallery of Givenchy, my designer profile. This is my personal tribute to the fabulous Givenchy brand name.

You'll find coveted items from my personal Givenchy collection that I am presenting for sale as listed in my eCrater store. By the way, I still have that awesome polka dot Givenchy designer skirt suit to sell. So, if you want a one-of-a-kind, vintage Givenchy design, let me know and I'll get some photos published.

I simply adore the ever-appealing style of Givenchy! It's Audrey Hepburn style that is so fashionable and in demand today!

Photo Credit: Audrey Hepburn with a Tabby Cat. Ah, style!

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Givenchy, a Fashion Statement
For half a century, Hubert de Givenchy has been the perfect gentleman of couture; i.e. haute couture. His elegant and lady-like fashion enchanted the aristocratic Parisians who became addicted to his sharp vision of femininity. Ladies dressed by him include Jacqueline Kennedy and the Dutchess of Windsor.

However, the woman most associated with Givenchy was by far Audrey Hepburn whom he dressed. His style was known as elegant, pure, sculptural, and refreshing. His clients were women for whom elegance meant everything.

It was a shock to the fashion world when Givenchy decided to retire in 1995. Ten years after Hubert de Givenchy retired, Riccardo Tischi joined the design house. He has studied the archives carefully and is determined to maintain the high standards of Givenchy.

Givenchy Facts
  • In 1988, Givenchy sold his business to Moet Hennessy-Louis Vuitton (LVMH) for financial reasons.
  • Hubert de Givenchy (like Dior) is a division of Europe's largest luxury products manufacturer, Moet Hennessy-Louis Vuitton (LVMH), which is owned and operated by Bernand Arnault through the investment company Financiere Agache.
  • LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton is the world's largest luxury goods company, with brands that are bywords for the good life.
  • In 1993, this brand achieved total sales worth of $176 million (up 25%), making it the second largest apparel division of LVMH.
  • The House of Givenchy is a member of Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture et du Pret-a-Porter.
  • This luxury brand had only two boutiques in 1993.

Givenchy IT Bag: Nightingale Satchel Have you seen this brand's IT bag? A number of celebrities had been spotted sporting the Nightingale bag. It was available in a black, white, ivory and other colors plus in a few different sizes. I've seen variations of metallic and patent leather. The authentic bag is made in Italy. The medium is 12" x 19" x 6" and retails for ~$1,295.00. The large is 23" x 16" x 8" and retails for ~$1,695.00. Something to know! I have seen many non-authentic Nightingale handbags for sale on eBay.

Black Patent Leather Pumpkin Bag!
They did it again with a desirable IT bag known as the Pumpkin Backpack-style Bag. This bag had been seen on the runway! What makes it even more stylish this season is that it's a black patent leather ... patent leather is the rage. The bag is embellished with tassels - one of my favorite design elements for accessories. It's also loaded with pockets - nearly one dozen. All hardware is of course engraved with the brand name. This bag is rare and hard to find. However, I do happen to have a chocolate brown leather pumpkin bag available to purchase!

Givenchy on Audrey
  • Audrey had a big personality. In the choice of her dresses, in wearing them with such elegance, chic, and simplicity. In a very personal way, she created her own look : 'The Hepburn Style.'
  • She knew exactly how to shape her strong, independent image. This naturally extended to the way she dressed. And she always took the clothes created for her one step further by adding something of her own, some small personal detail which enhanced the whole.
  • One thing that struck me about her, apart from her charm and elegance, was her ability to make herself loved and admired by women as well as men.
  • She was capable of enhancing alI my creations. And often ideas would come to me when I had her on my mind. She always knew what she wanted and what she was aiming for. It was like that from the very start.

Audrey Hepburn
The most ambitious and personal account ever written about Hollywood's most gracious star.

Audrey Hepburn by Barry Paris is a "moving portrayal" that truly captures the woman who captured our hearts.

With the insights of family and friends who never before spoke to a Hepburn biographer-and never-before-published photographs-Paris has created an in-depth portrait of the actress, from her childhood in Nazi-occupied Europe, through her legendary career, and into her UN ambassadorship.

Some of the most fascinating material in this delightfully readable volume concerns the impact the ever-elegant Audrey Hepburn had on women's style and self-conception.

I am a Givenchy Collector
Givenchy Chocolate Brown Leather Pumpkin Bag with Tassels
Givenchy Pumpkin Bag with Tassels
I've been collecting Givenchy fashion and accessories for a few years. I am showcasing the variety of designer items bearing the brand that are in my personal collection.

I'm particularly fond of the signature logo handbags. I don't think I can bare to ever part with those ... but if the price is right, I will.

Over the past few years, I acquired a polka dot skirt suit from a seller on eBay. Funny, I must be a collector, because I had the suit cleaned and put away in my closet - waiting for that special occasion to wear it.

Any time I can acquire something that satisfies two of my passions -- polka dots AND Givenchy -- well that makes me a happy camper!

By the way, that is a photo of my Givenchy Chocolate Brown Leather Pumpkin Bag with Tassels. It is quite amazing and quite a large pumpkin bag too.

My Personal Collection

Givenchy Signature Brown and Tan Tote
Givenchy Signature G Tote

This signature G logo tassel tote with leather trim was a recent acquisition of mine. I am partial to the canvas print with the pretty contrasting colors of tan and brown. In my opinion, this designer line is much preferred over that other "tan and brown" French line!

Givenchy Signature Logo Chocolate Mini Baguette Bag
Givenchy Signature G Baguette
This signature G logo petite handbag with leather trim was purchased by me at the Paris International Airport in a boutique store. By far, this is the priciest handbag that I ever purchased while on a vacation costing about $250.00. It was previously featured in the 2006 Top Ten in my Best Bags review.

I also happen to own another Givenchy Signature G baguette in black and gray. The baguette shape and size is a great little special occasion bag.

I also have an amazing Givenchy Signature G Black and Chocolate makeup bag that is available in my eCrater store.

Givenchy Signature Logo coin purse
This coin purse is overflowing with style and personality. I don't believe I've ever owned a coin purse that I've liked better than this one. It has the recognizable designer canvas with the sweet leather tassels and gold tone hardware. I've not added to beautiful item to my eCrater store. If you are interested in acquiring it, please let me know.

Givenchy Beauty Items
There are literally thousands of items with the brand name of Givenchy available on Amazon. You can smell good and look good if you are a man or a woman. Check out the incredible array of Givenchy Beauty items on Amazon!

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Are you a designing man or woman who might be fond of Givenchy? Or, do you have a personal favorite designer? I'd love to hear from you.

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