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Itzchak Tarkay Art

Itzchak Tarkay is the collectible artist and painter who is realistic, abstract, figurative, decorative and known for his colorful female subjects - The remarkable artsy women! I am an art collector / art enthusiast who loves colorful paintings and adores the works of Itzchak Tarkay.

Two by Two by Itzchak Tarkay
A friend who is more "learned" at art collecting actually turned me on to this colorful artist who has achieved strong recognition as a leading representative of a new generation of figurative artists.

The inspirations for Tarkay's work reflect influences from Impressionism, and Post-Impressionism, and color influences of Matisse. His drawing style has a distinct feel of Toulouse-Lautrec I think!

I acquired this artist's ever popular Two by Two seriolithograph in color on paper from a friend in Jacksonville, Florida many years ago. It was this very work of art that helped launch my art collection! Yes, I have this artist's work, but I also have so much more ... and that makes me smile!

Photo Credit: That's "Two by Two" by Itzchak Tarkay that hangs in my home.

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Itzchak Tarkay Quiet Afternoon Art

Get an Art Book!

Learn about the vast array of Tarkay art from this book, TARKAY: CATALOGUE RAISONNE 1986-1994.

It is the Catalogue Raisonne of the Serigraph Prints 1986-1994.

I personally have a couple of Tarkay art books and get a lot of joy browsing through them from time to time.

What a perfect gift for the art lover you know; or for yourself!

This makes a great coffee table book too.

itzchak tarkay contemplation art

This Tarkay original acrylic is literally the only painting that he has ever done with a black background.

It retails for $44,000.

I had originally found it being offered by Fine Art Enterprises at a reduced price.

I'm not sure if it is still available!!

But, it is a bit out of my price range, for sure.

itzchak tarkay tavern at dusk art

Tavern at Dusk

Tavern at Dusk, an acrylic on board with pastel, shows a somewhat loose, even a bit gross style in its full-figured depictions of tavern-frequenters out for a beer at sundown.

To fully appreciate the colorful and beautifully decorative style of Tarkay's work today, you need to take a look at his early works -- such as this one.

You can see, for one thing, that the faces are not as precise as they are in later works of his.

itzchak tarkay At the Bar
At the Bar

An original acrylic, this is one of the only pieces where the artist actually painted a blonde!

The depiction of people standing at a bar is very rare for Tarkay.

It retails for $40,000.

I had originally found it being offered by Fine Art Enterprises at a reduced price.

I'm not sure if it is still available!!

But, again, it is a bit out of my price range, for sure.

itzchak tarkayi two by two art
Two by Two

Several years ago, I acquired Two by Two from our friend, THE art collector ... he's a bit more seriously into art collecting than I am.

Two by Two, seriolithograph in color on paper. Signed in the plate. From the edition of 9500.

It is from 2000 and measures 16-1/4 inches x 20-1/2 inches.

It came with a certificate of authenticity from and a registration number Park West Gallery.

itzchak tarkay Marie and Susie
Marie and Susie

Of the art that I collect, I do have a few art prints such as this one. This particular Tarkay art print is quite popular.

Marie and Susie is rather large at 36 inches x 26 inches, so I haven't framed it as yet as that frame might cost $500.

In addition, I've run out of wall space for any more art ... unless we add an extension to the house or move into a bigger home!

Beware of imitators!
Be sure to get a
Certificate of Authenticity
as there are "imitators"
of Tarkay's artwork.

Browse Itzchak Tarkay's Art on Amazon:

Itzchak Tarkay Serigraphs
Itzchak Tarkay Prints
Itzchak Tarkay Watercolors

Find More of Itzchak Tarkay's Art:
Image Kind - More than a dozen of colorful art prints.
Prints - Several colorful prints of Tarkay.
Canvas Prints - These canvas prints are approx. $200.00.
CJR Fine Arts -- Serigraphs - Quite a nice selection of Tarkay serigraphs.
CJR Fine Arts -- Originals - You'll need to call for a price on these originals.
Fine Art E - A great website for more information about Itzchak Tarkay fine art.

Works on Paper

This is a wonderful artsy hand signed book that I acquired from an eBay seller in June 2002 for $99.00.

There have been printed 4,400 books of this edition. All the books include three original lithographs, bound into the book, and a lithographed dust-cover. It was first published in 1993.

In addition, the three lithographs bound into the book and the dust-cover have also been printed on Arches paper with wide margins. Each lithograph is signed by the artist and is numbered from 1/400 to 400/400. Each lithograph accompanies a book bearing the corresponding number and title.

A Deluxe Edition of 150 books is leather bound. The books are numbered from 1 to 150. Each book in the Deluxe Edition includes one original watercolor painting by Itzchak Tarkay.

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