DIY Sunflower Garden

DIY Sunflower Garden? Are you interested in creating your very own DIY Garden of Sunflowers? You have come to the right place to learn how easy and rewarding it can be to grow your own sunflower garden from seeds.

Hello readers? In keeping spot-on, topical and relevant, here is an official DIY - do-it-yourself page! I was involved in a huge DIY project that involved two sunflower gardens from scratch, two years in a row. After spending thousands of hours with the sunflowers, I became a bit of an expert on growing them. So, now I am sharing my expertise with my readers!

autumn beauty sunflowers in laurel burch cat vase
This year, as Spring had sprung in Jacksonville, Florida, I was watching my sunflower plants get bigger and bigger. By May 1st, my tallest were passing thirty-three inches in height!

It is important that you know this is not my first flower garden from seed! In 2013, I grew my first such sunflower garden using a variety of Burpee Sunflower Seeds.

OMG, I can't tell you what a success that was; however, I can show you! See that picture? Those blossoms came from THAT garden. So, come along and learn how easy it can be!

P.S. See my sunflower that made the local evening news as the backdrop for the weather segment.

How do you feel about this particular flower?
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If I Can Do It; YOU Can Do It!!!

jaguarjulie glamour shot in red dress
Glamour girls can dig ... You dig? They say first impressions are important. However, sometimes your first impression can be very wrong! Take me for example. At first glance, you probably couldn't imagine me covered in dirt digging in my backyard.

At one time, I too couldn't imagine doing all that I have in my backyard gardens. I did know that I had a vision. It started out in the late Summer of 2012. I had been telling my next door neighbor I really wanted to plant a sunflower. I wasn't thinking very big back then, just ONE PLANT.

She told me that, at a local flower and garden shop, she had actually seen one of those plants. I started shopping around to buy a sunflower plant, but it was already August and none were to be found.
I asked the lady at Lowe's where could I find some. She said that August is too late; that it's too hot by that time. So I waited!

I was patient ... in February 2013, I was actually at a local Target store. Something pulled me into their garden department. There I spotted a greenhouse kit and lots of Burpee Sunflower Seeds.

P.S. I was the Official Backyard Gardener Contributor on Squidoo! Did you know that? Well, you probably guessed it since I have been writing about all my backyard gardening projects. But, I bet you didn't know that I also am one of the Blondes that DIY! #blondesthatdiy <---- hashtag!

The Two Essential Ingredients

Burpee 47902 Sunflower Autumn Beauty Mix Seed Packet and Burpee Deluxe Eco-Friendly 25 Cell Seed Starting Greenhouse Kit - Hey, this is what I used to become a success!

I honestly can't believe that I waited until I was in my sixties to try Burpee Seeds! In the five different packets of seeds that I used for my first garden, it seemed that every seed grew a plant! That in and of itself was pretty amazing. No duds, you know?

Well, it surely helped by using this greenhouse seed starting kit!

You get to watch the seedlings emerge right under your nose.

Starting Your Seeds! It is a great idea for your first DIY garden to start with a variety of seeds and a greenhouse kit inside your house.

It was amazing how the little round pellets expanded to fill up the cells when you added a little water! What a great science project this would be too.

Get the step-by-step detailed instructions on how to start your own sunflower seedlings with the Burpee Seed Starting Kit.

The Main Ingredient! - A little bit of magic in a packet.

burpee sunflower seeds 3 packets
Those are the three little packets that launched my first flower garden -- Del Sol Hybrid (Pollenless) Classic Cut Flower 5-7 feet - $1.89, Summer Evening Mix Warm Colors 6-7 feet - $1.09, and Summer Cutting Garden Mix for Vases and Blooms 5-7 feet - $1.69.

DIY Garden of Sunflowers - The Rest of the Story

three warm orange sunflower blossoms

You may have seen some of my blog posts? Get the nitty gritty on this fabulous project that fills in all the missing pieces to make it a do-it-yourself success for YOU.

P.S. That Was Just the Start of Something Big!

autumn beauty sunflower in a laurel burch cat vase
There is much more to this story ... That was the start of my first DIY project from seeds. Once I started seeing the various colorful blossoms, I was shooting pictures morning, noon and night. Before I knew it, I had amassed well over a thousand incredible photos.

And, I was also harvesting thousands of seeds from the mature heads. What to do with them all?

Then, I started The Sunflower Project, a goodwill project.

Next, I opened a Zazzle store, Jaguar Julie Flowers to share my beautiful photos.

Another next came when I started my second DIY Garden of Sunflowers!

Last, but surely not the least, I started the blog Blondes that DIY! #blondesthatdiy <---- hashtag! HEY! That is this blog!

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