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Skirtini Swimsuits

Skirtini Swimsuits : Find the Perfect Skirtini that Suits You! I do believe that the femininity and flirtiness of pretty skirtini swimsuits cannot be matched by a string bikini! Yep, I'm admitting it. You know, I sure did wear my share of bikinis and maybe one or two string bikinis when I tremendously loved my twenties.

Woman Within Plus Size Skirtini Swimsuit
B-U-T-T, ladies can we seriously talk? There does come a certain time in our lives that you really should consider covering up a bit more when you don that swimsuit and head for the beach or for that vacation! Hey, let's face it ... it is a "right of passage" in that you had your time in the sun and it is time to consider a feminine and classy skirtini swimsuit!

If you spot me on that sandy beach, you will probably see me in a stylish skirtini swimsuit running through the sand and into the surf. How about you? Ready for a skirtini swimsuit? I am! Make up your own minds about this swimsuit.

Photo Credit: Woman Within Plus Size Skirtini Swimsuit by Inches Off!

How do you feel about these swimsuits?
Do you or don't you? Love the skirtini swimsuit or not?
  1. Yes, I love it
  2. I'm into regular one pieces
  3. Just regular two pieces
  4. Nope, give me a string bikini YEAH!!!
1920s shortini swimsuit
Not your grandmother's swimsuit!

My Confession : I Simply Adore Them!
I like to feel feminine and flirty in my swimsuit! I am thrilled to showcase some lady-like skirtini swimsuits. As I’ve gotten older, I am more particular about how I dress when I want to romp around the beach.

A swimsuit with a skirt can make all the difference. You get a little modesty, and you are still very feminine in the swim suit.

Whilst there is no age limit on who can wear these, I like to think that us gals in our forties, fifties, sixties and beyond ought to be wearing more of these.

Spotlight Skirtini Swimsuit
I love the look of the Reebok Women's Zig Zag Skirted One Piece.

This is such a pretty feminine swimsuit. Yes, you would catch me in it, running along the beach.

It is made of 81% Nylon with 19% Spandex. Hand washing is recommended. The spandex fabric helps to resist chlorine.

It also has an antimicrobial silver lining that helps to create a bacteriostatic environment, making it very difficult for bacteria and other microorganisms to grow. You also get an anti-bounce bra with surround support and tummy control. It does come in a variety of sizes so that you can find the perfect skirtini swimsuit to suit YOU!

What are skirtini swimsuits?
It is technically NOT a one-piece. What do the style critics say about this style of swimsuit?

Well, it is a bit like the popular tankini, but it has a longer styled top to cover your midriff. And, the tankini bottoms are generally like a pair of panties or briefs. The skirtini naturally has a bottom that is a skirt with those panties or brief underneath.

The tops to this style of swim suit can be quite different in style.

The swimdress might resemble the skirtini in style because of the commonality of a skirt; however, that swimdress is really a one-piece swimsuit!

You can find this style of swimwear by many designers … and I can freely admit that I have several!

brown flirty skirtini swimsuit

Brands of skirtini swimsuits
Here are just SOME of the many brands!
  • Betsey Johnson
  • Calvin Klein
  • Carol Wior
  • Christina
  • Delta Burke
  • It Figures
  • La Blanca
  • Liz Claiborne
  • Merona
  • Miraclesuit
  • Roxanne
  • South Point

Searching for Skirtini Swimwear Tips
When looking for this type of swimwear on eBay,
you'll really want to consider several search terms:
** skirtini **
** tankini **
** swimdress ** 
Size 6
Celebrating all you girls and women who are a size 6! Oh boy, that was a lot of years ago for me personally, so I am a little envious that you are all out there looking good in these tiny swim suits! Enjoy.

Size 8
Girls, don't be bashful if you are this size. This is a great size to be ... I know because I was this size for a good part of my single adult life. Don't let it get away from you. Party!

flirty brown skirtini swimsuit from behind

Looking Good!
** SEXY **
** FLIRTY **

Find that perfect Skirtini Swimsuit that suits you at Amazon!

Size 10
This is the perfect size for us older ladies. We find that a lot of exercising and good nutrition can get us into shape, but gone are the days of sizes less than 10. I've come to that conclusion. We need to not be so hard on ourselves. You can look good in a perfect ten.

Size 12
Quite a few of the female population is this size or larger. It's important to be able to find stylish swim wear that is complimentary to our fuller figures.

Check out all the variety of Skirtini Swimsuits at eBay!

See you at the Beach!
Do you love the skirtini YET? Are you still able to wiggle your way into the string bikini? Well, personally my days of string bikinis are long gone … DARN IT!

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