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Jams World Clothing

Jams World Hawaiian-Style Clothing! You will be jamming seriously! Girls, let me tell you ... if you don't own any Jams World Hawaiian-Style clothing, you need to get some. If only one dress, like the one I'm wearing!

jaguarjulie in Jams World Hawaiian-Style Clothing
That dress was purchased on our first vacation to Hawaii, on the island of Kauai. My hubby went off with a group and left me to do some shopping. So, I bought this dress!

The fact that I live in Jacksonville, Florida does present me with more opportunities to wear this type of clothing. Let me tell you ... next to Fresh Produce Hawaiian-Style clothing, if you don't own any Jams World Hawaiian-Style clothing, you need to get some. Jams World Hawaiian shirts and dresses make great vacation clothing especially if you're visiting some tropical island! It's island-style clothing as well.

Along with 3 other couples, we experienced a Catamaran Vacation to the British Virgin Islands. Oh, Oh ... photo opp ... check out me with the girls in our Jams World dresses!

Photo Credit: JaguarJulie sporting Jams World dress on Catamaran vacation in BVI.

Love Jams World or not?
Love the Hawaiian style colorful prints?
  1. Yes, marvelous colors!
  2. Nope -- too bright for me
History of Jams World
jams world hawaiian dress
Over the years, we've worked hard to develop a keen sense of who we are and what we want to be. We are art-driven and demand of ourselves the highest standard of beauty, uniqueness, quality, and service. This, you will always find at Jams World.

--Pua Rochlen, President
-- David Y. Rochlen, Founder & Chair, Surf Line Hawaii, Ltd.

With roots starting in the ocean, Jams World's origin began as a surfboard shop called "Surf Line Hawaii", a small shop in Honolulu, Hawaii, located across the street from the famous "Ala Moana" Shopping Center.

They carried mostly surfboards from legends like Yater, Hobie, Bing, Lopez, and Aipa, to name a few. They could not find any clothing that they thought was fun, colorful, and unique so we began to create our own - the first being Jams, long, colorful, and fun.

Mike Doyle, then World Champion, wore the first pair at Makaha in the 60's, and then so did Butch Van Artsdalen, a talented surfer, lifeguard, and waterman. And the rest is history.

Today Jams World has grown up; selling to accounts throughout the world. The reason for Jams World's success is passion. Jams World has truly become one of the beach & resort apparel industry's True Leaders.

Spontaneous JamSpontaneous JamSpontaneous Jam

Jams World Dresses

jaguarjulie and the girls in jams world dresses

Betcha can't pick just one! You can't always find Jams World on Amazon, but you can on eBay! You see eBay is a great place to find a good selection of Jams World dresses. I actually bought a few of this brand when I was getting ready for that fabulous BVI Catamaran Vacation! As you know, us gals planned to wear our cool dresses during the vacation for a photo opp. What a fab time in such cute dresses.

Jams World Dresses from The Posh Pit: I can't pick just one! OMG, I've got to stop looking at my eBay offerings as I just spotted a dress that is talking to me. Only thing? It is a size small and I'm not quite that size just yet. But this brand does have room for you so you might be able to go down a size.

Oh, which one do I want? Boy are these dresses precious! The combination of colors and prints makes it like a colorful work of art. These dresses are wearable art that says fun!

Jams World Hawaiian Shirts
I have been able to find, from time to time, a few knockout Hawaiian shirts on Amazon that are of the Jams World brand. I hope this is a sign of more good things to come. Hey! Be daring see if you can find a Jams World Hawaiian Shirts that you can't live without! Hey, rock on.

Jam Up and Jelly Tight to the Jams World Fan Club
Drop me a line ... Are you into Jams World clothing? Own any? Well, what are you waiting for???

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