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I am JaguarJulie one of the #blondesthatDIY
Hello! I am JaguarJulie, one of the #blondesthatDIY
Welcome to our new blog, Blondes that DIY. You know that you've probably heard all those dumb blonde jokes throughout the years. And, probably laughed at a good many. I can admit that maybe I chuckled at a few, but it occurred to me that there were and are a lot of us blondes who are pretty smart!


There are also many blondes that do it yourself seriously enough to compete with the big boys.

To describe me you would need to know that I am tenacious ... I am:
te·na·cious \tə-ˈnā-shəs\ adjective : not easily stopped or pulled apart : firm or strong : continuing for a long time : very determined to do something
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Beverly Feldman
Talk about an amazing lady! That's Beverly, Queen B. I have long-admired this talented BLONDE gal for her style. She is like a soul sister or perhaps sorority sister to me. For several years, I have been a "brand ambassador" for her cool brand of sexy shoes and handbags.

She is a DIY trailblazer for the fashion industry. I can't think of another female fashion designer who matches her sexy style. I've always admired Betsey Johnson, but I think Beverly is a notch above her style.

On her website, Beverly Feldman Shoes, you get a good taste of her beautiful style and soul.

In my special blog brand tribute, Beverly Feldman Designer Shoes and Bags, you can learn a lot about this inspiring lady. She surely set the stage for the blondes that DIY. I am just sort of following in her shoes, so to speak!

"Too Much is not Enough!" ~ Beverly Feldman

Bonnie Diczhazy
You've already met me, JaguarJulie, one of the blondesthatDIY. Would you believe, there are a lot of us blondes that DIY? Introducing some of the other blondes ...

bonnie diczhazy that diy lady
Bonnie Diczhazy is That DIY Lady who is also a writer and artist. I first met her at Squidoo where she was a fellow lensmaster and also the Head of Community.She was also the Home & Garden Editor on Squidoo.

On August 15, 2014, Seth Godin gave us notice that HubPages was acquiring our key content from Squidoo. So, alas, Squidoo would be no more.

In closing, be warned though, Bonnie loves to demo. "Give me a hammer and your wall will disappear." says Bonnie!

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