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Shortini Swimsuits

Shortini Swimsuits : Find the Perfect Shortini that Suits You! Have you thought of shorts in a swimsuit. That's the shortini! I love the sportiness of shortini swimsuits. Sometimes you aren't in the mood for a skirtini or a swimdress; then, this seriously is the style for you. You can still be a little feminine and flirty in this type of swim wear, but with that sporty edge!

Jantzen Purple Vinery Shortini Style Swimsuit
I sure did wear my share of bikinis [not so much string bikinis] when I was enjoying my single life in my twenties. But, as I got older, I experienced that right of passage where I wanted a swim suit that was more appropriate for my age and figure. You and I have had our time in the sun and it is time to consider a shortini swimsuit.

These type of swim suits are great because you can hop on that cruiser bike and ride on down the beach or to the store. Let's check out the styles ... the short version!

Photo Credit: Jantzen Swimwear 2-Piece Purple Vinery Shortini Style Swimsuit.

Do you or don't you?
Thinking of your sexy self in a shortini! Love the shortini or not?
  1. Yes indeed I love the sporty style.
  2. Nope I'm into regular one pieces.
  3. No, just regular two pieces.
  4. I wear a string bikini!!
1920s Shortini Swimsuit
1920s Shortini Swimsuit

What is a shortini swimsuit?
It is technically a two-piece! Have you heard of the shortini swimsuit yet? Actually, it is a brilliant design that sort of takes the sporty bicycle short and brings it to a swim suit.

It is a two-piece swimsuit that has shorts on the bottom instead of panties, a brief, or a skirt. This is the perfect style for women with fuller hips. It covers your butt rather stylishly.

A shortini can almost look a bit like a skirtini. Heard of culottes? When the shorts are a bit fuller, you might get that skirted look.

By the way, don’t tell anybody, but this style is really an updated version of what your grandma might have worn. Take a look at that picture down below. What do you think?

Check out the Beach Belle Cerulean Plus Size Shortini Plus Size Swimsuit Periwinkle. I seriously love blues and the color periwinkle is like an electric blue. So pretty when you are on the beach.

By the way, please don't pay too much attention to the fact that this vendor claims these are a plus size.

Girls, a size 10 is the perfect size.

You can be stylish in all sizes when you have such a pretty color.

I hope you find it in your size!

Check out all the Shortini Swimsuits on Amazon. Find the perfect swimsuit to suit you!

Shortini Swimsuits - Size 8

Oh boy, this is such a great size for wearing a shortini. I was this size for my swinging singles years -- I still remember them. But, I don't remember back then having such pretty swim suits as these. Actually, this style really wasn't out there back them. Lucky you!

Size 10

This has surely got to be a perfect size for sporting a shortini swimsuit! After all, you have heard of perfect tens, right? Well, many of us used to be sizes 4, 6 or 8 ... but one day, age creeps up on you and you find yourself a 10. Not to worry, we have the suit for you!

Size 12
I've selected a basic black style for you as you get a lot of mileage with this color. You can easily find a scarf to wrap around your hips and transition into evening right from the beach! Want some color? Well, you can find shortini swimsuits in lots of pretty colors to interest you.

Leave me a short message if you will.
Do you love the shortini yet? Are you still able to wiggle your way into the string bikini? Well, personally my days of string bikinis are long gone and you will find me in more sporty swim wear.

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