Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Seiko Melodies in Motion Musical Wall Clocks

Allow me to introduce you to Seiko Melodies in Motion, a beautiful line of musical clocks. I recommend Seiko Melodies in Motion! If you are looking for that perfect Christmas present, think of a musical clock. Welcome to the showcase of musical clocks -- experience the actual clock before you purchase it!

Seiko Melodies in Motion
This is my very own musical clock! It is the Seiko Melodies in Motion QXM143BRH. It plays 6 popular songs along with 6 Christmas songs by the flip of a switch. We flip the switch to Christmas music on November 1st!  At the moment, my musical clock is not available. You might like the Seiko Melodies in Motion Musical Wall Clock with 12 Melodies until mine comes back in!

Music Music Music! We were well into the new year and were still listening to the cheer-full Merry Christmas music! We flipped the switch back to the inspirational music around tax time! Ah ... our Seiko Melodies in Motion musical clock surely brings me joy each day and throughout each day. Listening to the music makes me smile.

Photo Credit: That's my Seiko Melodies in Motion Musical Wall Clock.

The Seiko Melodies in Motion Poll
Please answer our musical question : Are you a fan of Seiko Melodies in Motion Musical Clocks?
  1. Indeed I am and I own one!
  2. I am a fan but don't yet own one.
  3. I am just finding out about this brand.
  4. Not into musical clocks.

Experience Seiko QXM143BRH Melodies in Motion Musical Clock

Seiko Melodies in Motion #QXM143BRH

Plays 6 Christmas Songs and 6 Popular Songs - beautiful Melodies in Motion plays 12 different songs. Select the option on the control panel to play the six Christmas melodies.

Top Of The World
Missing You
La La La Love Song
Bridge Over Troubled Water
My Favorite Things
Close To You
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
I'll Be Home For Christmas
The Little Drummer Boy
The Christmas Song
White Christmas

Everyone Loves My Clock
Everyone who visits my home says they LOVE my Seiko's Melodies in Motion Clock. It is hanging in my kitchen and can be heard throughout the house when it plays one of the songs at the top of the hour. I don't have it set very loud, but the songs resonate throughout my home.

Check out the Seiko Melodies in Motion Clocks available on Amazon.
Amazon had sold out of my clock -- I sure am glad I bought it when I did. From time to time, you can find that clock on eBay.

Are you a fan of the Seiko Melodies in Motion musical clocks? Do you actually have one? Personally, we love our musical wall clock and have gotten many compliments from our guests.

History: Seiko Melodies in Motion : Musical Wall Clocks was originally created on Squidoo by JaguarJulie on November 10, 2009. Highest lensrank ever achieved: #4,915 overall. Lens #550 in the quest for Giant Squid 600 Club.

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