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Kosta Boda Hearts Gifts

Welcome to the Kosta Boda Hearts Gallery! Hugs and Kisses Everyone! I've been talking about Kosta Boda for a long time!

When considering a gift from your heart, you simply must think about this brand. And, think specifically of hearts! Meaningful gifts of heart from the heart.

You will find an exquisite and elegant selection of handcrafted hearts in this line. What a wonderful gift idea. A gift of love is a gift of Kosta Boda Hearts.

You'll want to buy one for yourself too. Happy Holidays!!!
Hey Valentine, won't you be mine? My heart pick is the Kosta Boda My Heart Mini Sculpture or the Kosta Boda Hearts Ornament.

Heart-full Photo Credit: Kosta Boda Hearts Plate.

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Have a Heart!

One of my favorite selections is the Kosta Boda Hearts Ornament that measures 2-3/4 inches.

The Hearts collection by Swedish artist Ulrica Hydman-Vallien is one of Kosta Boda's most endearing.

As with other Hearts pieces, such as plates, bowls, and stemware, this artist-initialed glass disk ornament is hand-painted with a joyful heart design.

The bright red heart is outlined boldly in black, garnished with green and aqua brush strokes that lend a folksy, almost cartoon-like sense of animation.

The attached red ribbon allows you to hang the ornament from an indoor tree, window, or even around your neck as a medallion or pendant.

It comes gift-boxed so that you can gift it for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or as a Christmas gift. Better yet, hang it from your Christmas tree.

You might prefer the Kosta Boda Hearts Handpainted Ball Ornament.

Last, but surely not least is another cool heart ornament from Kosta Boda!

It is the Kosta Boda Christmas Ornaments, Apple Hearts.

This Kosta Boda Christmas Ornament is the Apple Hearts selection, rather like the "apple of my eye!"

Model No: 7090786

It also measures 2-3/4 inches wide by 2-3/4 inches high.

You May Also Like

The Kosta Boda Domino 5-7/8-Inch Hearts is a cool crystal dish.

This is one of those items that makes a great gift for almost any occasion.

And, this adorable crystal dish serves a variety of purposes.

You can use it to hold your jewelry items or use it to serve candies.

Also makes a great hostess gift.

Browse the selection of Kosta Boda Hearts Gifts at Amazon.

Oh my, aren't the hearts by Kosta Boda absolutely fabulous? Perhaps you already discovered them in one of my other Kosta Boda pages? Honestly, I think you can't have enough hearts. Hearts, hearts, everywhere! You know I've been writing about hearts and heart-things for over 4 years! My how time flies when you put YOUR heart into it. eh?

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