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No-see-um : You Sure Can Feel-um! You probably have heard of this pesky little bug as a sandfly, sandflea, no-see-em, noseeum, sand gnats, chitras, punkie, or punky.

no-see-um noseeum
No-see-um ... yep, you sure can feel-um even if you can't see-um! Hey ... I live in Florida, you don't need to ask me about how pesky these little creatures can be! I remember when I wore my hair very short and gelled it spiky, rather like the performer Pink.

Do you know that is the worst hair style with regard to no-see-ums? They get into your hair and will eat up your scalp! At least that's what I remember one vacation while visiting in the Florida Keys. Yes indeed! The no-see-um has truly earned the distinction to be called by so many names ... a sandfly, sandflea, no-see-em, noseeum, sand gnats, chitras, punkie, or punky! That no-see-um, by whatever name, can be quite annoying ... bite bite bite ... scratch scratch!!

Oh, BTW ... there surely must have been a comedian who was first bitten by a no-see-um who named this little pesky critter!

Photo Credit: The incomparable no-see-um as spotted on Wikimedia Commons.

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Scientific Classication of the no-see-um

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Diptera
Suborder: Nematocera
Infraorder: Culicomorpha
Superfamily: Chironomoidea
Family: Ceratopogonidae 

Biting Midge
biting midge
A closer look at that biting midge ... It's the name for any of numerous minute, fragile flies in several families. The family Chironomidae consists of about 2,000 species, most of which are widely distributed. The herbivorous larvae are found in all freshwaters; the larvae of some species live in saltwater. Midge larvae are an important source of food for larger aquatic insects and fish. The larvae of some species of the genus Chironomus, which are called freshwater bloodworms, are unusual in that they contain the protein hemoglobin. The pupae are active and aquatic.

The adults, which look like slender mosquitoes, are often seen swarming over or near water, and large courting and mating swarms may contain millions of insects. The larvae and pupae of the net-wing midges, family Blepharoceridae, live in fast-flowing freshwater; they attach to rocks by suction disks and feed mainly on algae.

The biting midges belong to the genus Culicoides of the family Ceratopogonidae; they are the smallest of the bloodsucking insects and are common pests in the NE United States, where they are called punkies, sand flies, and no-see-ums.

The adults have mouthparts that pierce and suck and inflict irritating bites on humans; some species ride the wings of dragonflies and lacewings, sucking the blood of their hosts. Gall midges, family Cecidomyiidae, damage many plants by causing formation of plant galls in which the larvae live.

More about the no-see-um
  • No-See-ums (Family eratopogonidae)
    No-see-ums are tiny biting flies that often live near water. You often see many of themswarming together in a cloud. Keep your mouth shut or you might breathe some in or swallow them! It won't hurt you, but it will probably make you cough.
  • University of Florida
    Biting midges (no-see-ums) can be a nuisance to campers, fishermen, hunters, hikers, gardeners, and others who spend time outdoors during early morning and evenings, and even during the daytime on still, cloudy days. They will readily bite humans.
  • What is a No See Um?
    You might not know what a no see um looks like because of its tiny size, but if one bites, you won't miss it! The no see um is a bloodsucker many times smaller than a mosquito, but with a bite inversely more painful.
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I hope you haven't been too bugged by no-see-ums like I was. There's nothing worse that little bugs that you really can't see that bite.

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