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Jaguar Julie Former Lensographer

JaguarJulie Lensography of a Boldly Humble Brand Ambassador! Available: personally and professionally! Did you know that I, JaguarJulie, have been a Brand Ambassador in my daily work? Both online and offline. And, that I am available. I've been on the internet since the 90s and spent nearly 8.5 years, from March 21, 2014 until August 31, 2014, writing on Squidoo!

jaguar julie lensographer
This is a celebration of some of the many topics I wrote about on my Squidoo lenses. See the brands? I have been an online cheerleader spotlighting fabulous brands. I love promoting these great, reputable brands in a boldly humble manner!

With ALL that Brand Ambassadorship(s), you may think of Jaguar Julie as a WWW - workaholic wonder woman! Let me seriously put my energy and talents to work for YOU and your BRAND! I'm looking for a position that's a blend of Brand Ambassador, Communications Specialist, and Marketing Manager; requiring a conceptual thinker and creative writer and editor.

In my lensography herein, I hope to answer the question of who, what, where, why, how and etc. about Jaguar Julie as you know, inquiring minds want to know! I am one busy person, working hard the old-fashioned way ... working on one page at a time! No magic tricks ... just an honest day's work. First of all, what is a lensography? A lensography is an organized view of a lensmaster's lenses. Who originated the lensography? Why thefluffanutta of course! Well, this was my very first and primary lensography so that's why I named it Jaguar Julie Lensography!

By the way, originality, authenticity and uniqueness are at my very core. Why not embrace those values for yourself. Oh, and do not copy the contents of this page while you're at it.

Say, it is a special hello to all my purple star fans! Ah, those purple stars were awarded for quality lenses on that platform of Squidoo. It sure has been one heck of a journey! Glad you were a part of it. And, I was an official Squidoo contributor too!

I love to hear from my readers. And, all kidding aside ... I am available both personally and professionally. Check out my branded websites for more information about me and about my dream job!

Photo Credit: None other than the authentically real JaguarJulie.

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My Online Brand of JaguarJulie

jacksonville jaguars original logo

Where did the name 'Jaguar Julie' originate??? Yep, I've been asked that a million times ...Jaguar Julie is an athletic supporter and fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars!

I took on the name of "Jaguar Julie" when the Jacksonville Jaguars first hit town … quite a few years ago, even though it feels like yesterday! That name became the name of my "brand" that has been primarily marketed online.

Several years ago, as a supporter of Mark Brunell, our former quarterback, I sold his NFL, Premium Collection, Limited Treasures collectible bear. When Mark Brunell left town for the Washington Redskins, I later donated hundreds of these collectible bears to his local charity which benefits children.

More About JaguarJulie

In the late 1990s, I took on the persona of JaguarJulie to celebrate the Jaguars coming to town! In 2004, I formed my own company, Jaguar Julie Designs to provide marketing consulting and to continue my online selling with a store on eCrater and iOffer.

Since 2003, I’ve been a BzzAgent and used to be a lot more active bzzing until BzzAgent introduced me to Squidoo in March 2006!  I originally created about 3 dozen lenses when I first joined, and would create one here and there UNTIL I got that wonderful invitation from Megan Casey to "kick it into high gear" and create 100 lenses. Well, I took on that challenge and despite a "hard drive crash" on August 31, 2007, I managed to accomplish the feat of 100 lenses.

In March 2006, I also joined Stylehive where I found that unique outlet to express my passion for fashion. I actively bookmarked over 30,000 fashionable items into the hive, participated in several contests, actually won a couple, and coaxed MANY of my friends, family, and coworkers to join and participate.

IN A NUTSHELL: I’m really into modern and contemporary design and love to spot emerging trends.  I really "dig" indie designers plus name-brand designers. You could say my style and taste is European-chic with a flair for the eclectic. I’m a marketing professional and style fashionista who has garnered some 25 years in Corporate America; most recently as the marketing manager for a fortune 500 Fujifilm company. When I’m not Squidooing, I’m also trying to be productive as the Marketing Director of a start-up pressroom chemicals company!

JaguarJulie Former Squid Angel

JaguarJulie was a Squid Angel for her first term of six months in 2008 and served again with a heavenly group of Squid Angels on Squidoo. JaguarJulie was a Squid Angel Emeritus of 8.3 months of heavenly and meaningful service as a "quiet" Squid Angel until returning to active duty on March 5, 2012. A belief in angels and an appreciation for their spirituality has guided JaguarJulie in her daily life. It is natural that angels would mean so much -- sharing the love with you today! I AM a Squid Angel Who Retired Her Wings or Her Halo. Thanks to Squidoo for granting my wings those few times. It's JaguarJulie Squid Angel : Blessings to YOU and You Too!

I wrote a lot about spirituality and angels. There were Christmas Angels, Touched by an Angel, The Art of Angels and so many more angels above.

squidoo squid angels with wings graphic
I was last honored to be an official Squidoo Squid Angel on March 5, 2012. Previously, I was a Squid Angel from October 13, 2009 and retired in January 2010 to give other Squid Angels an opportunity. This is a role that I take quite seriously and I surely hope that those of you tapped to be Squid Angels recognize that responsibility. You know, my first assignment as a Squid Angel was in March 2008 when I earned my wings as a Squid Angel here at Squidoo. Blessings to YOU, my dear! May you be as blessed as I have been.

I joined Squidoo on March 21, 2006, so it took me two years to earn my wings!

It’s hard to articulate what all being a Squid Angel really means to me. You see, I’m a very spiritual type of person who honestly believes in angels and guardian angels in particular. I’ve been told that I have two guardian angels, my grandmothers, who are usually with me.

2008 Giant Squid of the Year

I am humbled and honored to be the Giant Squid of the Year as voted in the 2008 Giant Squid Awards Competition, sponsored by the Giant Squid Organizers.

Special thanks to all of my supporters who actually voted for me — I sure do appreciate it!

I couldn’t have done it without your support! ;)

I was a member of the Charter Class of Giant Squids 100 Club!

Giant Squids 100 Club
Thank you Squidoo, I was so thrilled! On September 19, 2007, I was honored to hear that I had been chosen to join the Giant Squids, Squidoo’s elite squad of the best and most prolific lensmasters on Squidoo. And, on top of that, I was able to exceed the challenge by creating over 100 lenses and be a member of the Giant Squids 100 Club!!!

I  published well over 850 lenses to my name, have sold a few, and had 6 group lenses. I’ve ‘consulted’ on dozens of lenses for different lensmasters, giving them enhancement tips. Oh, I H-E-A-R-T Squidoo.

Thanks to everyone at Squidoo–you know who you are–and also, thanks to those others who made this possible–God, my family, my tolerant hubby, my coworkers!

P.S. When writing my lenses, I’ve done my best to be “original,” not copying other Squidoo lenses. I’m flattered when I see other lenses popping up that seem rather familiar to my lenses. Thanks all you squidsters!

#1 Ranking in People Who Matter

#1 Ranking in People Who Matter

Lens of the Day - LOTD

Several of my Squidoo lenses were awarded the coveted LOTD over the course of my 8.5 years there! To Catch a Thief, Jaguar Julie Lensography, Julia Nagy Grandmother and Namesake, Blarney Stone, Miss Columbus Day, What is Basa, I Love Brussels Sprouts.

JaguarJulie Former Bag Lady

OK, JaguarJulie is really not a bag lady, but she is a style guru who knows a lot about style and bags. Looking for something classy for back to school? I wrote about the Best Backpacks for Work and for Back to School. And, then there were the Best Bags Ever, Coach Company Handbags, and Neoprene Lunch Totes.

The Art of Flowers

JaguarJulie Loves Flower Art -- Especially in Art Posters! Only the best for your walls -- pretty flowers. Ah, JaguarJulie loves photographing flowers and loves flowers in art posters for your walls. Whether at the office or at home, here are some of the most beautiful picks in flower art posters!

I loved writing about flowers so much that I opted to create my own FLOWER art! I started with Mexican Petunias and then sunflowers. Next, daisies seemed to take over my gardens.

JaguarJulie Cooks - Then and Now!!

JaguarJulie is a FINE Cook You Know! Ah, JaguarJulie has shared an award-winning chili recipe for you! It has a special secret ingredient. You'll also want to try the Hungarian Spaetzle -- it's great in beef stroganoff, Hungarian goulash, Chicken and Veal Paprikas and even in soups. Get a tip on a great-tasting white wine too. And, maybe try some gourmet food like Roland while you are at it!

2009 Summer School Graduate

2009 Squidoo Summer School Graduate

W00t! Can you believe this? Wow, my graduating class of the Giant Squid Summer School 2009 — had 47 graduates. That is such an incredible number — over 70 Giant Squids expressed interest at the start of the Summer. Congratulations fellow squids. ;) BTW I am particularly digging this cool badge you all. Love the teal like color along with the cool sunshine! Shine on.W00t! Can you believe this? Wow, my graduating class of the Giant Squid Summer School 2009 — had 47 graduates. That is such an incredible number — over 70 Giant Squids expressed interest at the start of the Summer. Congratulations fellow squids. ;) BTW I am particularly digging this cool badge you all. Love the teal like color along with the cool sunshine! Shine on.

Woo Hoo! Weeks #5-#8 -- And you thought it would never end!!! I could almost feel it -- it was palpable -- School's out for the Summer! Yowza -- not before one of these babies earned that coveted purple star for quality content -- and the very next day after publishing it! Now that is purple passion: How to Create a Patio with Stone Pavers : A Step-by-Step DIY!!

Former Purple Stars!

On April 16, 2009, my Stuffed Cabbage lens earned a purple star for its quality content. On April 19, 2009, that lens made it into the #1 spot overall on Squidoo and by the grace of God, and his angel helpers, occupied that spot for 24 days. Thank you very much!

On June 25, 2009, The Journal of the Traveling Squid lens earned a purple star for its quality content. It's been lucky enough to be #1 in the Travel category. Thank you people ... and angels too -- squid angels!

"Made in" Eastern European Countries

Each of those lenses were jam-packed with interesting items. I have an ancestry that is Eastern European and became quite interested in genealogy a few years ago prior to our vacation to Hungary and Romania. It was that trip that spawned my first "made in" lens of "made in Hungary."

Hungarian Themes

In my food topics, as well as fashion and travel, I wrote a lot about Hungarian themes.

Genealogy-Inspired Topics!

A few surprises ... After my vacation to Hungary and Romania, I felt passionate about taking a closer look at my Eastern European genealogy to learn more about my family's ancestors. In the process, I uncovered some interesting possibilities as to distant relatives!

More Unusual Topics!

What else did I write about? Oh boy! There are a lot of topics when you are talking about over 850 lenses, you know? I did numerous Hey Monkeybrain debates, Eclectic Fashion and Fashion Designers, Kimono and Boho Chic Fashion, Designer Handbags, High End Jewelry, Resin Jewelry, Felt Decor, Food Spices, Health & Medicine, Animals, Art Glass, Artist Profiles, Artsy-Type Topics, Books, and the Holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, and Easter to name a few!

Thank You Mom!

It was really because of my mom that the Momerisms lens was created. And, how appropriate to celebrate moms today and for Mother's Day! I also did a special lens, Thank You Mom, to thank my mom appropriately.

My Lensography Wordle!

Jaguar Julie Lensography Wordle

I am a super fan of the site where you can generate your own custom wordle. This is the Jaguar Julie Lensography Wordle that was generated specifically for the original Squidoo lensography lens!

History: Jaguar Julie Lensography was originally created on Squidoo by JaguarJulie on September 21, 2007. This lens was honored as lens of the day on March 7, 2008. On September 3, 2009 this lens earned the Squidoo Purple Star Award for quality content.

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