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Kosta Boda Catwalk Decor

Welcome to the Kosta Boda Catwalk Showcase! Figurines and sculpture for the fashion minded.

Look at this adorable sculpture. "This graceful woman in the long blue dress tilts her head pensively."

Madame is a beautiful handcrafted textured glass work of art from Swedish designer Kjell Engman.

What a wonderful gift idea. Consider wonderfully unique, handcrafted decorations from Kosta Boda Catwalk.

Happy Holidays and a Big Cat Meow to you too!

The Catwalk line Kosta Boda has delightful figurines and sculpture for the fashion minded. I've picked the Kosta Boda Catwalk Sculpture, Madame.

Fabulous Photo Credit: Kosta Boda Catwalk Sculpture, Madame.

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Fashion forward decor.
Handmade in Sweden and designed by famed artist Kjell Engman, the Catwalk collection uses light, style and full movement to create a work of art that will bring beauty to any home.

About the Designer: 

This creative designer has been with Kosta Boda since 1978 and has a studio at Boda glassworks.

A tirelessly productive visual artist with unbounded imagination and a passion for narrative, Kjell Engman finds free expression through both utility glass and art glass.

He gets his inspiration from the most diverse sources, not least from the animal kingdom and the world of music and entertainment.

Kosta Boda Catwalk Madam Black Figurine

He often works on large installations in which he also combines elements of sound and light.

Frequently commissioned for public works both in Sweden and abroad, he is personally responsible for one fifth of Kosta Boda's catalog range.

Kosta Boda Catwalk Madam Blue Tight Figurine

Fashion forward decor designed by famed Swedish artist Kjell Engman.

The Catwalk collection uses light, style and full movement to create a work of art that will bring beauty to any home.

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Kosta Boda Catwalk Poncho White Figurine

Kosta Boda Catwalk Figurine -- Santa
Ho ho ho -- get a load of these santa figurines! Glass designer Kjell Engman has added a whimsical Santa component to his couture-in-glass Catwalk line. Seemingly inspired by the seven dwarfs from Snow White, the Catwalk Santas are named Doc, Sneezy, and Tangle, each humorously bearded, belted, and a bit off-kilter in posture.

"Kjell Engman often produces lighthearted pieces that relate to folktales, storytelling, or the world of entertainment. In fact, he is well-known in Sweden for his larger installation involving light and sound. His Catwalk Santas are handcrafted in Sweden and arrive in a Kosta Boda box, signifying the highest artistry in both design and implementation." --Ann Bieri

Kosta Boda Catwalk Santa Tangle
Kosta Boda Catwalk Santa, Christmas Ornament
Kosta Boda Catwalk Dancing Snowman

Kosta Boda Catwalk Decor -- Vase

Kosta Boda Catwalk 8.5" Vase is one of a line of artistic vases designed by famed Swedish artist Kjell Engman.

In his Catwalk line, Swedish designer Kjell Engman transfers both his wit and his interest in the fashion world onto a series of sculptural glass vases.

The shortest of the collection at 6-5/8 inches, this freeform white vase is just wide enough to hold candies or nuts as a bowl as well as a bouquet of short-stemmed tulips.

On the side of the vase you'll see a pair of female legs, depicted from dress hem to jauntily pointed shoes. A conversation starter if ever there was one.

Browse the selection of Kosta Boda Catwalk Decor at Amazon!

Ah, how sweet to see you today. Thanks for visiting. Find something you like? These make great gifts for Christmas or anytime of year. Can't wait to see what you have to say. Oh, you've got to love the catwalk!

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