Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Burpee Sunflower Seeds

Burpee Sunflower Seeds and My DIY Garden! Why Burpee Sunflower Seeds? These seeds have brought me a lot of JOY! I never knew that a couple packages of seeds could add such happiness to my daily life. It all started with the planting of my first garden in February 2013. Now that we are well in April 2014, I am watching the seedlings become plants. Let me tell you how it all started.

sunflower blossom mosaic by jaguarjulie

From my personal experience, I say Burpee Sunflower Seeds are the best! Let me ask you, Do you like sunflowers? Have you ever grown a sunflower garden from seed? For me, the answer to these two questions is a resounding YES. After my recent experience growing sunflowers from seed, I feel like an expert. Let me tell you about it.

All of my life, I have been admiring sunflower blossoms. I have marveled at the size of the plants and at the beauty of those blossoms. However, I never tried growing any sunflowers. And I never contemplated that you could grow these from seeds! The thing is, I had never grown anything from seed! Could I grow five to seven foot sunflowers from seed?

My recent inspiration for such a flower garden was a scene from the movie Everything is Illuminated. In that scene, the travelers arrive at their destination. As they walk to the tiny house, they pass through the most amazing field of sunflowers I have ever seen. I got to thinking. Why don’t I plant a sunflower garden.

It actually took me nearly one year to get started. I was looking at my Lowe’s and Home Depot for sunflower plants. I wasn’t finding any so I asked the cashier. She told me you don’t want to be planting sunflowers in August in Florida. OK, I didn’t know that.

I made the decision to try growing them from seed. At the end of February, I prepared a large rectangular plot in my back yard for a garden. It was March 2nd when I initially purchased 3 different packets of Burpee Sunflower Seeds: Del Sol Hybrid (Pollenless) Classic Cut Flower, Summer Evening Mix Warm Colors, and Summer Cutting Garden Mix for Vases and Blooms. I also opted to try a Burpee Seed Starting Kit to create my first DIY Garden of Sunflowers! 

In the starting kit, I planted some seeds from each of the three packets in the 25 cells. Soon, I was seeing little seedlings in each of the cells. I picked up a long rectangular flower pot from Lowe’s and transplanted the little seedlings until it was time to put them outside. I was hoping to avoid any freezing weather.

Well, the seedlings were transplanted one more time outside in one of the three rows I prepared in my garden plot. In the second row, I planted the seeds that were left in the three Burpee seed packets. For the third row, I went back to Lowe’s and picked up two packets of Burpee Autumn Beauty Organic Sunflower Seeds.

Then the magic began to happen! As the sunflower seedlings were getting bigger, I was taking lots of pictures to plot the growth. Soon, I began to blog about my garden. Before you knew it, I had blossoms! I was taking pictures in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. And, I was blogging more. One thing led to another and soon I had a Seven Foot Garden. Pretty soon, I was harvesting the seeds. I started The Sunflower Project to pass along my free seeds to encourage the next person to grow their own sunflowers and then harvest those seeds to pass along to the next person. Oh my!

And, finally! I opened my JaguarJulieFlowers Zazzle shop to showcase my floral photography — primarily sunflowers!

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Am I glad that I planted Burpee Sunflower Seeds? You bet! Can I guarantee that you will have as much success as me? Well, you don’t know if you don’t try!

To make your journey a bit easier, may I suggest that you try a mix of seeds like this one. I’ve selected the All Summer Sunflower Cutting Garden Simple Solutions Seed Packet because it has Autumn Beauty, Vanilla Ice, Aztec Gold, and Jade. Those four varieties were all growing in my garden. Looking back at my experience with Burpee, I was overjoyed at my results. It seemed that every seed produced a seedling. And, I discovered that not all sunflower blossoms are yellow! One more thing, I fell in love with the Autumn Beauty!
sunflower blossom mosaic by jaguarjulie

The proof is in the blossom. Be sure to check out my photo mosaic below of some hand picked beauties from my first DIY garden of sunflowers.

With over 100 sunflower plants, I took a thousand photographs, and more, of the pretty blossoms. Now, many of those inspiring sunflower blossoms are appearing on a variety of products on Zazzle. Here’s a Pretty Colorful Autumn Beauty Sunflower Coaster! Who knows where a few seeds might lead YOU!

By the way, I was the Official Squidoo Backyard Gardener Contributor. But, I bet you didn't know that I also am one of the Blondes that DIY #blondesthatdiy <-- hashtag!


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Please take a moment to share your thoughts. I hope you enjoyed my review of Burpee Sunflower Seeds and enjoyed my sunflower garden. For me, I had tremendous success with Burpee! I’ve picked a few flowers to share from my garden. After all was said and done, I had over 100 plants with hundreds of blooms. I took well over one thousand photographs of those flowers. Be sure to check out my blog and follow my sunflower journey. Better yet, why not start your own sunflower journey?

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  1. Love that sunflower bloom montage! I'd love a sunflower garden but I don't have a good place for sunflowers as mine is in shade most of the day. I grow a lot of herbs there and I'm trying blueberries this year.

    1. Chloe, thanks so much for the visit! Yeah, hard to believe all those sunflower blossoms came from my garden. Good luck with the blueberries. When I get moved, I probably won't have space for another sunflower garden; but, I might try herbs!!