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Poppy Flower Art

Celebrating Poppy Flower Art : Ah, Poppies! The poppy flower is probably the most bold and the most beautiful flower for art prints! Ah, poppies! Saying it with large, bold and beautiful flowers is precisely what you do with Poppy Flower Art prints!

red poppy flower art by georgia okeeffe
When you think of the poppy, probably the most recognizable artist that comes to mind is Georgia O'Keeffe. I actually have this very poppy flower art print poster which I purchased several years ago.

I've also loved poppy flowers in art. Did you know that there are other artists who have beautiful poppy flower art prints? Ah, the beauty that can be found in the art of poppies is quite inspiring and uplifting! Poppies? Well, there would be short poppies, medium poppies and tall poppies folks! And, they are all beautiful and artistic too!

The poppy flower is probably the most bold and beautiful flower for art prints. Now you can have an artful home and garden with poppy flowers : poppy flower seeds, poppy flower art decals, poppy felted flowers for crafting, poppy flower art stained glass ... ah poppies everywhere! Say it with flowers ... say it with poppy flowers! Ah, poppies!

Flower Art Credit: Red Poppy by Georgia O'Keeffe Art Print Poster. Such pretty poppy flower art!

Do you love this flower art? Cast your vote in this poll please! Are you a fan of the poppy flower?
  • It is beautiful -- it IS art!
  • It's not my favorite flower, but it is pretty.
  • No, just don't care for that flower.

My Confession : I Truly Love This Art! They are such beautiful and vibrant flowers. Folks! OMG, I am indeed a poppy flower lover! I'm glad that these vibrant flowers are named with that name because they surely POP for me! These flowers are the pop art of the flower kingdom, oh my! I said that, you know?

Oh, to be able to grow some artful poppy flowers in my own backyard garden. That would be lovely to experience.

It was so many years ago that I was introduced to the art of Georgia O'Keeffe with her iconic poster. I always love the color red and bold blooms. --The Brand Ambassador JaguarJulie!

P.S. I was the Official Squidoo Backyard Gardener Contributor; once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away. Did you know that? Well, you probably guessed it.

Georgia O'Keeffe Biographical Movie - I recently caught this movie on TV and am waiting to watch it again.

I missed the beginning!

Joan Allen and Jeremy Irons star in this rather life story. The chronicles the twenty year life and sometime love affair between the American artist, Georgia O'Keeffe, and photographer Alfred Stieglitz.

It is gritty and quite touching. You'll learn a lot about this poppy flower artist that you didn't know!

Life wasn't always a poppy flower art garden for Georgia!

What's your pick? Poppy flower vs. Gerbera daisy? We had a debate going on Squidoo.

poppy flower vs gerbera daisy debate


Coach Poppy Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.4 Fluid Ounce - Delicious Fragrant Notes: Cucumber Flower Petals, Mandarin, Baby Freesia Buds, Jasmine, Pink Water Lily, Southern Gardenia, Rose Petals, Creme Brulee Accord, Cedarwood, Bleached Sandalwood, Vanilla, Whipped Marshmallow. Style: Flirty. Fashionable. Fun.

A youthful and spirited fragrance, the initial spray of this fruity-floral scent delights with bright cucumber flower petals, juicy mandarin, and the sparkling freshness of bright baby freesia buds. In the heart notes, a lush bouquet comes forward, including petally jasmine, pink water lily, Southern gardenia, and the petals of red candied rose.

A sweet depth wraps around these floral notes with a rich accord of crème brulee. In the base, sensual and woody undertones create a lasting impression with notes of cedarwood, bleached sandalwood, lush vanilla, and whipped marshmallow.


Oh my, but I am absolutely in love with these poppy flower pins! They are designs of Tarina Tarantino. There are so many applications for these artful pieces of jewelry. You can pin them on your hats too or use them as decorative pieces in your home. I seriously want one of each at the very least.

The Artful Fan Club! Sign in please ...
Ah poppies ... Got another favorite flower? So, are you too a fan of the artful poppy flower? Do you just love Georgia O’Keeffe? Is this your favorite flower or do you have another one like maybe the gerbera daisy? Are you a photographer of flowers?

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