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Falbo Art

Anthony Falbo Abstract, Cubist and Cubestractions Art. Colorful cubism and Cubestractions! In the spotlight today, Anthony Falbo Art and his Cubestractions Series. It's been several years since I acquired my first piece of this artist's beautiful art.

anthony falbo art china lady
China Lady by Anthony Falbo
Personally, I love vivid colors and interesting shapes and was immediately drawn to his work. His Cubestractions Series are my favorite.

I now have four works from Anthony Falbo art which are hanging predominantly in my art gallery of a house. Over the years, I've gotten hooked on collecting artwork. And, love what I've collected of Falbo art!

If you aren't yet familiar with the prolific and colorful work of Anthony Falbo, let me show you some >>> If you're an art enthusiast and appreciate colorful cubism, check out the artist and his art! His art is totally Falbo-licious! His art is a blend of Abstract, Cubist and Cubestractions! Very colorful too.

Photo Credit: That's China Lady owned and photographed by JaguarJulie.

The Falbo Art Poll
anthony falbo artsy collage by jaguarjulie

Hey, all you art enthusiasts out there. Are you a fan of Anthony Falbo's art?
  1. Yes -- absolutely and I an an owner
  2. Yes -- yet I haven't bought any of his artwork
  3. No -- not yet 

Learn More About the Art of Cubism and Picasso
The inspiration behind Anthony Falbo Cubestraction Series of Art!

A bit of background on Falbo

Anthony Falbo was born and raised in Flint Michigan. His fascination with color and paint began at a very young age when he began to painted his first oil painting. Studying some of the great masters work, Anthony was fascinated with Rembrandt. Learning about light and shadows in Rembrandts work gave Anthony a foundation to stride for.

Anthony worked many jobs after graduating from school, getting married and raising a family. After many years Anthony decided to pursue his first calling as an artist.

Working 19 years now as a full time artist, Anthony feels he is still at the beginning of creating his finest works.

Working in many different styles gives Anthony more opportunities to express himself and get his point across. Anthony states that he works this way to keep himself from getting burned out, and that he likes to reach out to all people who love different forms of art. He is best known for his Light And Dark series, Cubestraction Series, Genesis, and Impressionist series.

My Falbo Art! Cubestraction Limited Edition Art
I am naturally drawn to this style - it fits with my other work by this artist. And, it is like having an affordable Picasso-inspired piece!

China Lady - Artist Proof - AP1/1
anthony falbo china lady artwork framed owned by jaguarjuliie
China Lady by Anthony Falbo
China Lady is from the series “Cubestraction.” It is an original limited edition print that I acquired quite a few years ago.

I saw this art on eBay and placed my bid. Well, soon it turned into a bidding war and my final winning bid was much higher than it should have been.

I reached out to the artist and mentioned how interesting the bidding had been. He got back to me and asked if I would be willing to try an artist’s proof on some new paper stock that he was trying. I said, “Yes.” And was delighted to see the much bigger art print.

China Lady hangs in a prominent position in my front foyer.

A Cat Named Picasso - Giclee Limited Edition Print - 1/395
anthony falbo art a cat named picasso
A Cat Named Picasso by Anthony Falbo
This is another of my all-time favorites from this artist! It is called “A Cat Named Picasso” is also from the series “Cubestraction.”

It is an original giclee limited edition print.

Previously, this cat art was hanging in my hot pink bathroom because that was the last available wall space. Today, I am happy to say that this art has found a new spot in my spare bedroom. ’ve got a really bright and fresh green on the walls and that offsets the colorful art quite nicely.

I’ve also got another bit of cat art in that room; it’s Cat in a Mask.

Daisies and Tulips - Limited Edition Print - 23/200
anthony falbo art daisies and tulips
Daisies and Tulips
by Anthony Falbo
I simply adore this art! It is from the “Cubestraction” series and is an original limited edition art print.

This delightful work was previously hanging in my home office, but today it finds its place in my front art sitting room.

The walls of that room are painted in a deep eggplant-like purple called Forget-Me-Not.

It really makes a difference how you present this type of art as a purple wall makes all the colors pop.

Opening Nite - Limited Edition Print - 24/195
anthony falbo art opening nite
Opening Nite
by Anthony Falbo
You might have guessed that this is from the same series as the other work I’ve presented. It is a “Cubestraction.”

This original limited edition art print is now hanging next to my bed in my master bedroom. Those walls are painted a really bright sunny yellow color.

This work caught my eye because it features ballerinas.

As a child, my sister and I studied ballet along with other dance styles.

I guess you could say that I felt a connection to this work.

Anthony Falbo Productions -- eBay Store
I finally have moved into my new home and have found a few more empty spots on my walls. I'm contemplating what work will be my next purchase!

Anthony Falbo Links

The Anthony Falbo Art Fan Club
Are you an art enthusiast? Do you love cubism? Please sign my guestbook and tell me what art you like and collect!

History: Anthony Falbo Art : Cubestractions was originally created on Squidoo by JaguarJulie on August 12, 2007. Highest lensrank ever achieved: #1,845 overall. Lens #65 in the quest for Giant Squid 100 Club Charter Member 2007.

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