Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Costa Rica Tarrazu Whole Bean Coffee

Us blondes that DIY believe in that first cup of java in the morning to get us started. Coffee has been a part of my life for over 50 years! Like some exotic romance novel, these are my dark-roasted memories. Would you believe that the last special item I purchased for myself was a bag of Costa Rican coffee?

Hey, it wasn't just any coffee, but Costa Rica Tarrazu, Whole Bean, Fresh Roasted Coffee. For me, my coffee tells a story. The intoxicating aroma of my coffee brewing, in the morning, stimulates fond memories of days past. This particular product takes me back a number of years to our vacation in that country.


More about my "dark-roasted memories!" When we traveled to Costa Rica, we landed in San Jose and rented a car to make the drive to our timeshare in Jaco. I knew nothing of the country before our visit, but had always thought of it as some far away Latin American country.

The rental company at the airport cautioned us to be careful on the roads ... look at for banditos! Oh my, if our car was to break down, we needed to be vigilant of who stopped to help us? Well, that was surely in the back of my mind as the hubby drove along. We were into a mountainous region with narrow, winding roads that gave me the best view of the dropoffs where I could see into the valleys. On top of that, it was raining!


Did I tell you that the mountainous regions of Costa Rica produce some of the richest coffee beans in the world?

The white-knuckle drive to Jaco seemed to go on and on. The hubby was actually laughing a good bit of the time and telling me to relax, that it would be OK.

I can't tell you how thankful I was to finally arrive at our timeshare. We got unpacked and then came down to the pool to enjoy a drink from the pool bar.


The next morning, we got to enjoy a cup of Costa Rica Tarrazu, Whole Bean, Fresh Roasted Coffee before we made our way down the road to try a canopy tour. I must say that I was up for anything and probably would have put a canopy tour on my bucket list if I had one. My only challenge, as we made our way up the mountain to the take-off point, was that I had shoulder surgery and didn't have a lot of strength in that left shoulder.

I made the first run by myself and remember hollering, "oh my god, oh my god" as I flew from one tree to the next. After a brief consulation at the first stop, one of our young guides opted to accompany me through the rest of the trip. At least, I was rather comforted to actually take in the views of the valleys, trees, and mountains as I made like spider woman with my guide.


For me, it is the smell of coffee brewing that brings back these memories. I was steeped in reliving my Costa Rican vacation this morning as I wrote this story. I got so carried away with it all, that I had to stop and go brew another cup with my other recent purchase, the Bella One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker in Turquoise. Oh, and most important! I grind it every morning ... the coffee beans that is ... using my Cuisinart DCG-12BC Grind Central Coffee Grinder.


I have been fortunate to have traveled throughout the world and enjoyed many coffees authentically. It is pretty cool that I can relive those fond memories through a cup of coffee. Fond memories of my time in the dark-roasted country of Costa Rica. Ah, coffee!! It's on my list of my favorite comfort foods ... OK, comfort beverages!

Talk about memories. You might know that for over 8 years, I was a Squidoo lensmaster. And, I was the Official Squidoo Comfort Foods Contributor! Did you know that? Well, you probably guessed it.


Check out my photos from our visit to this fabulous country. As we traveled the winding roads through the mountains, on our way to Tabacon, we encountered many coatimundi. They would emerge from the grassy hillsides when they heard cars approaching. People! They weren't afraid of people because they knew the people had food.
coatimundi in costa rica by jaguarjulie
As we made our way along this rough road, we came upon a hillside where these little furry creatures started to emerge.

coatimundi in costa rica by jaguarjulie
We parked our rental car and decided to step out and take a closer look. They sure looked friendly!

coatimundi in costa rica by jaguarjulie
Hello! Those are coatimundi ... hungry little buggers ... which are akin to raccoon. They reminded me of little monkeys. Oh, that's the ex's foot!

coatimundi in costa rica by jaguarjulie
Ah, take a closer look at the little rascal. What a long snout and tale. Definitely, he wasn't very shy. Hungry though. Continuing on our journey, we came to our destination known for its hot springs and the spectacular view of Arenal Volcano.

arenal volcano in costa rica puffing

We were sipping a cup of Costa Rican dark roasted coffee from our pool that gave us a nice visit of Arenal Volcano. It erupted the following week!

Do you enjoy your coffee as much as I do? Does it bring back memories of that country? How about Costa Rica? Been there yet?

TRY ANOTHER DARK ROAST FROM COSTA RICA! You may want to try another type of coffee from Costa Rica -- it too is a dark roast. Cafe Britt Costa Rica Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee comes from a different part of the country! It is blended with beans from different parts of the Central Valley.

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