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The Color Yellow - Wearable Sunshine

One of my all time favorite colors is the color yellow. It is like sunshine and if you wear yellow apparel, it is definitely wearable sunshine. I gained a greater appreciation for yellow when I became a blonde in my 40s.

bright yellow sunflower blossom
And, then in 2013, something magical happened. I grew a sunflower garden from seed. Not just one plant, but more than a hundred, evenly spaced in three rows in a plot about 10 feet by 16 feet.

I have been enjoying the sunny color of sunflowers in my own flower garden out back. On March 2, 2013, I planted the first of a variety of seeds for my new garden. The first blossoms I saw were like this one. I can’t imagine a happier flower than this.

In 2014, I repeated that sunflower garden. It was still 10 feet by 16 feet; however, now I had four rows instead of three. Using the harvested sunflower seeds from my first garden, I also had considerable more plants. There's one of my brighter yellow sunflower blossoms. Isn't it pretty?

My inspiration for the sunflower garden, aside from loving the color yellow, has its origins in an appreciation for the sunflower art of Van Gogh.

Say hello(w) to Sunshine Wearables : The Color Yellow is like a burst of Wearable Sunlight! Wearing the color yellow finds me in a happier state of mind. What is it about the psychology of such a color in that it has the capability to perk us up? Is it perhaps that it reminds us of sunshine or of a smiley? Or maybe sunflowers and gerbera daisies? Let the sun shine in!

pretty yellow daisies in a vase

Once upon a time, the hubby [now my ex] was extremely late getting home from work. When he called and asked if I needed him to pick up anything, I suggested perhaps something from the deli of Walmart as it was getting late for me to be fixing dinner. It was more than an hour later when he got home. Behind his back he was hiding a half dozen of large daisies — oh, definitely a favorite color! And, these are them!
  1. I find that wearing a sweet little pair of yellow daisy earrings can perk you right up! Like these. Be careful somebody doesn't want to pick that daisy!
  2. Scientific studies show that people who smile are happier people! A smile is like a ray of sunshine. Encourage the art of smiling with these sweet smiley earrings! This color of smiley always puts a smile on my face.
  3. Lemonade is sure pretty when you paint it on your nails. For me, OPI is my favorite pick. Why not consider 10 nails of sunshine? OPI Nail Polish/Lacquer Lemonade Stand by your Man NLD22
  4. Did you hear? Patent leather is back in fashion. Shimmer your waist with this awesome, sunshine yellow patent leather belt. It's slightly retro! Luxury Divas Yellow Patent Leather 3" Wide Elastic Corset Waist Belt
  5. There is a lot of style going on with this sandal -- it's quite strappy and colorful. Love the wide straps of color. And, the wedge gives it a bold look. Seychelles Women's Last But Not Least Wedge Sandal,Yellow/Vacchetta,9.5 M US
  6. Well, you might want to wear these every day. However, consider a rainy day and you will add a ray of sunshine with your spiffy ballet flats.
  7. Now, talk about a happy and smiley person ... it's Jessica Simpson for many reasons. Channel that happy with this sweet sunshine yellow bag. Gorgeous!
  8. When I saw the sunshine backpack, it made me smile. Perhaps you are smiling too? Well, when you wear this, you will find that people are seriously "smiling behind your back!" Imagine that.
  9. KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixers in Yellow Citrus
three pretty yellow gerbera daisies

I Love Gerbera Daisies Too! Direct from my front garden. Yes, indeed! I am also growing these gerbera daisies in my front yard. I purposely selected this one gallon potted plant from Lowe’s. It was repotted in my front garden just in time for spring. So, I have some sunny colored flowers in my front yard and back yard.

For me, I drove a super bright YELLOW car for nearly TEN years! I saved and saved and was able to afford this 1999 SLK 230 Kompressor -- after leasing it for 3 years, I opted to buy it from the bank.

I love the color yellow especially in sunflowers! Check out some of the yellow blossoms from my very own flower garden. I've added my photography and designs to Zazzle!

Browse other gifts from Zazzle.

I hope your day has been brightened! Ah, such a happy color. Are you INTO this color? What interesting items do you own that are yellow? Do you wear this color year around? Have a car in that color too? Hey, I’d love to hear from you!

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