Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hershey’s Nuggets Special Dark Chocolate with Almonds

Since I've been a blonde, I've found my taste for chocolate has gone to the dark side! When it comes to chocolate and candy, I want it dark with almonds! Welcome to my tasty review of my new favorite chocolate candy, Hershey's Nuggets Special Dark Chocolate with Almonds!

I recently tried a bag of Hershey's Nuggets Special Dark Chocolate with Almonds and found I couldn't eat just one.

Throughout my life, I've tried a lot of different varieties of chocolate from milk to white to dark and have always preferred the dark over any other.

You know, dark chocolate is better for you? That's my reason, for including it in my diet once in a while.

Who doesn't love chocolate? I do, but I don't like paying a lot for it. Since I am now collecting social security, I can't justify paying expensive prices for food or my chocolate.

hersheys nuggets special dark chocolate with almonds package
There's my 12 ounce package of
Hershey's Nuggets Special Dark Chocolates with Almonds.
Looks inviting, doesn't it - why not buy your own?
In addition to loving the taste of the special dark chocolate, I have found that the almonds are especially crunchy with a lot of taste.

almonds from hersheys nuggets special dark chocolate
I found these two tasty almonds in one nugget and saved them for last.
They are roasted in cocoa butter and/or sunflower oil.
Yumm!! That's my hand!

Normally, I will savor the almonds in each nugget as the last bite. I will "suck" on the nugget until the dark chocolate is all gone, leaving just the almond. Then I will bite it. You know, it's like having two desserts in one : first the chocolate and then the nut.


It is hard to put into words what a soothing feeling it is having my dark chocolate nugget and then the almond(s). Sometimes I get lucky and have had three almonds in one nugget. That's special.


nutrition infor for hersheys nuggets special dark chocolate with almonds

I was just checking out the Hershey's website for the nutrition information on this candy. Hershey's says they like to keep this information accurate but that you should always check your product packaging.

hersheys nuggets special dark chocolate with almonds
Those 4 tasty nuggets are just 180 calories.
I had mine as dessert whilst I wrote this review!

According to the website, if you eat four of these nuggets, that will be about 200 calories. However, according to the package it says four contain 180 calories! That's good to know because I can eat more than four!

hersheys nuggets special dark chocolate with almonds
There are 36 nuggets in one 12 ounce package - here is my proof!

I counted 36 nuggets in a 12 ounce package. That's 1,620 calories in the whole package. On each nugget gold wrapper is a phone number to call if you have questions; it is 1-800-468-1714.

Also, checking the back of the package it says that this candy contains the same natural antioxidants that are found in tea and certain fruits! I knew there was a reason why this candy tastes so good!


hersheys nuggets special dark chocolate with almonds
Take a closer look at that tasty morsel of candy.
Recognize the Pucci-licious Poptastic Color Club Nail Polish I'm wearing?

I just took a tape measure to one and found it measures 1-9/32 inches long by 15/16 inches wide at the base and approximately 1 inch long by 3/4 inches wide at the top with a height of 1/2 inch! Rather interesting measurements for a nugget!


If you like dark chocolate and nuts and are on a budget, you might want to try Hershey's Nuggets Special Dark Chocolate with Almonds! These candies are great for filling up the office candy jar since they are individually-wrapped. You might also consider filling up the stockings at Christmas with this candy as a stocking stuffer. Or, fill up a candy jar and give it to your boyfriend or girlfriend or mother. It makes a nice gift. Hey, who doesn't like chocolate.

So, that is it in a nutshell ... what more can I say? I love this candy. Give it a try; I bet you will love it too!
P.S. I consumed 180 calories in the writing of this product review! I licked my fingers before typing. And, it tasted oh so good.

TRY SOME DELICIOUS HERSHEY'S FOR YOURSELF! You will find that this American made brand has quite a variety of tasty chocolate candies to please the most discriminating tastes. Here are a few hand-selected choices just for YOU!

HOW IT IS MADE! A neat video! Learn about Hershey's chocolate making process.  Listening to the background music I find I can't sit still ... and now I'm thinking about Hershey's nuggets. Got to go grocery shopping!

Try the special dark and mildly sweet miniatures - no nuts please.  You can't go wrong with an assortment which can help you narrow down your favorite taste. If you aren't into dark, try the milk chocolate.

Are you a fan of Hershey’s chocolate nuggets? Do you love the special dark? What is YOUR favorite? Is it milk, white or dark? Are you a fan of the with or without almonds? HEY! Please take a moment to sign in and let me know that you were actually here. I love to hear from my visitors especially those with good taste.


  1. Dark chocolate with almonds is my favorite and I do love the Hershey's nuggets version. If you check, you just might find one or two hiding in my desk drawer. (That's why cleaning out drawers isn't so much of a chore!)

    1. Susan! Ah, another gal with good taste. I've got to be careful when I buy a bag because they go so fast. I make a point of skipping a meal so that I don't feel so bad about half another ... and another. Dark chocolate with almonds has long been a favorite.