Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pucci-licious Color Club Poptastic Nail Polish

What a name for nail polish : Pucci-licious! I love the color purple. That is probably why I love Pucci-licious Color Club Nail Polish Creme N20.

It is a purple that is so uniquely colorful. For years, I have been getting my nails done usually every two weeks. It is the one luxury that I afford myself. Getting my nails done that many times has given me the opportunity to try a lot of nail colors.

The one brand that I always used was OPI. I did not really look at any other brand. Well, that was until I discovered Color Club one day at my nail salon. I never thought of looking at any other brand, but found that Color Club had a line of neon, poptastic colors that I really liked.

Mrs Robinson and Pucci-licious Color Club Poptastic Nail Polishes

That is a picture of my two favorite Color Club colors. Mrs. Robinson on the left and Pucci-licious on the right. Got them from Amazon! Mrs. Robinson was the very first polish that caught my eye. Perhaps you have seen my personal review on that color? It is a really vivid hot pink or fuchsia polish that seems fluorescent.

I had been using that color for months until one day I felt like trying another color. My two go-to colors are generally in the pinks and purples. When I spotted the purple Pucci-licious Color Club Nail Polish, I knew that was the one to try.

Pucci-licious Color Club Poptastic Nail Polish
Take a look at my manicure with Pucci-licious
outside in the natural light. It pops, doesn't it?

Well, the moment my nail tech applied that first coat of Pucci-licious, I was hooked. "Oh my goodness," I exclaimed. "That is one fantastic color." I watched as my tech finished the second coat and was applying the UV clear coat. "Do you want to do your feet?" she asked. "Are you kidding?" I replied. "Yes, I want my toes to match my fingers.
Pucci-licious Color Club Poptastic Nail Polish
Here's the proof that I absolutely must paint my
fingers and toes to match with this vivid purple nail polish.

You know, this is one interesting color. Not only is it an interesting shade of purple, but it seems to have a hint of blue. I would call it a cool tone color. When you are outside in the natural light, the color seems fluorescent.
Pucci-licious Color Club Poptastic Nail Polish
Holding the bottle of Pucci-licious nail polish in the natural light.
Can you see the hint of blue tone in this cool color?

I'm wondering about the whimsical name of this product. I seriously think it might have been inspired by the bright designs of Emilio Pucci! It was quite some time ago that I began using this fabulous purple polish. Then, one day, it was time for my manicure; however, someone had taken the polish from my salon! Fast forward a month and a half later. My salon could not find that polish for me. So! I turned to Amazon and found Pucci-licious. I decided to buy two.

Pucci-licious Color Club Poptastic Nail Polish
Yes indeed. One of these was not enough;
I had to buy two of the polishes. Just in case.

Hey, check out my personal review of June 2, 2013 on Amazon and see what I had to say! "Pucci-licious is a Delicious Nail Polish Color. It is such a pretty deep lavender that has a hint of blues and fluorescent-neon.

pretty purple mexican petunias
Pretty in Purple : Mexican Petunias

P.S. Background Flower Picture Credit: Well, I sure hope you did catch the previous theme of my Squidoo lenslet page as it sported a photograph of the pretty purple Mexican Petunias that I grow in my Jacksonville, Florida gardens. I was so inspired by the vivid colors of those petunia blossoms that I created a variety of products on Zazzle to showcase their beauty! Here they are -- Six Pretty Purple Mexican Petunias on a Plate. They remind me of the intense purple color of Pucci-licious Color Club Nail Polish Creme N20.

Do you love this color of purple? Yes indeed I do love this purple color. No, I prefer something else.

When I am not painting my fingers and toes with Pucci-licious, my next favorite color is definitely Mrs. Robinson. I love the deep rich pink tone. I guess you could say that I am torn between two colors. If you are not as daring as me, you may prefer Mrs. Robinson Color Club Nail Polish Creme N07. "And, here's to you Mrs. Robinson!" Remember that song by Simon and Garfunkel? Holy smokes, but this is one hot color. Ladies, if you like the pink tones and a more vivid color, try Mrs. Robinson.

Hey there. Thanks so much for taking time today to check out my very personal review. By the way, did you notice those Mexican Petunias from one of my flower gardens? I think that flower embodies this color quite nicely. So, do you love this color? For me, it was love at first sight! I’m actually wearing Pucci-licious now. You wouldn’t believe all the compliments I get on this polish — men and women love it! It is so much fun to pick such bright colors with such whimsical and fun names. What’s your favorite color?

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